3D Shape-match: Reflexes&Speed Image
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  • Summary: Do you have the fastest reflexes in the world?prove it and Beat the highscore!Do you have the fastest reflexes in the world? prove it and Beat the highscore!Score points by matching the right geometry into the corresponding geometric shapes(which randomly switch) and try to beat the online high score, or beat friends in the offline high score board. The game starts off easy at a slow speed and with guiding colors, gradually you enter different stages of the game; you will fall faster, obstacles appear and the guiding colors disappear. The game reaches a top speed and difficulty level at stage 5, after which the speed does not increase further and no new obstacles will appear, from there on out it is all about survival and scoring as much points as you can before you inevitably make a mistake and die!The game is endless and is only limited by your skill. As you practice you can continuously improve your reflexes, skills and learn to stay cool under the highest speed. It is very addictive to keep improving your score, trying to beat other player and see how far you can go, there really is not limit! The game is set in an outer space setting, different planets, galaxies and meteorites are floating around the level to create are futuristic style.In summary:*addictive: you can always be faster, better and get a higher score.*reflexes: in order to score points and stay alive you need to have or practice your reflexes.*speed: can you handle the top speed, can you stay focused under high speeds*fun: pass some time, or really get into it and beat friends and people from around the world and prove for once and for all you have the sharpest reflexes!*Easy to understand: simply match the right geometry into the corresponding shape! Expand
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