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  • Summary: 4Bloxx Deluxe is an absorbing brain game based on a simple idea. Place the game pieces on the playing field (10 different game boards) such that any 4 identical symbols form a square (a block). The game has been successfully completed when all pieces have been laid down and only real blocks (squares with 4 identical symbols) remain on the playing field. You can earn more points by increasing the difficulty of the game and by finishing it more quickly. For each time the game is played, 4Bloxx Deluxe calculates a new variation and creates the game pieces so that you get different pieces to play with each time. The names of the twenty best players will appear on a high-score list.

    Make 4Bloxx Deluxe your own:
    - Choose a background from more than 15 designs or leave it up to 4Bloxx Deluxe to randomly display a different background for each game.
    - Choose one of more than 15 possible game pieces; whether you choose a simple black domino piece or would rather play with chocolate pieces – it’s up to you.
    - Choose a playing field with 36 squares for a quick game, or challenge yourself with a full screen game field with 140 squares. You can choose from 10 different game boards for a lot of possibilities and fun.

    Before each game, you can adjust the difficulty using other options:
    - Set the number of pieces that will be pre-placed on the playing field when the game starts.
    - Determine how many different symbols (4 to 17) in a design series will be shown on the pieces.
    - Choose from different designs. In addition to the classic dots (domino pieces), you can choose from different characters, graphic symbols, smilies, structures, images and flags from around the world.

    Once you’ve started the game, your task is to accurately slide the pieces from the storage area on the right onto the playing field as quickly as possible and to ensure that the symbols on the pieces are arranged so that they form squares consisting of pieces with 4 identical symbols. If you need to rotate a piece, click quickly on it twice, then rotate the piece using the appropriate icons before you slide it onto the playing field. If you want to remove a piece from the playing field, just drag it into the storage area. Don’t forget that a point is deducted for each additional move. You only reach the optimal score when each piece is placed in the right position with just one move and you finish within the set game time.

    Have fun with 4Bloxx Deluxe!
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