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  • Summary: ????? New & NoteWorthy in 'Trivia' and 'Role Playing' of US App Store!!!
    ????? "What's Hot" in "Role Playing"&"Trivia" of US!!
    ????? Fantastic Fun!!!
    Your Zoo Park are crowed with lively animals, they jump they cry and they are very
    happy. Your Zoo Park have five attractive Areas: Monkey Hill, Lion Habitat, Hippo Pool, Birds Garden and aquarium. You need to keep them in order by making them into group of the same. There are different rules that you need to adhere in different areas, and these become five most popular challenging games that you will kill hours of time.
    Key Features:

    ♥ 5 Most popular puzzle games in 1 box
    ♥ 200 Levels
    ♥ Lovely Zoo Park theme with cute animations and sounds
    ♥ Vivid video tutorials for every game
    How To Play:

    ♥ Link Up: You need to link the same animals to clear them.
    ♥ Click The Same: Click the area that have the same animals to clear them
    ♥ Rotate to clear: Rotate one row or one column the group 3 same animals to clear them.
    ♥ Exchange to clear: Exchange the animals to make 3 in one line to clear.
    ♥ Pile Up: Pile animals into one full row to clear them.
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