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  • Summary: Welcome to Porsche Mania!

    Porsche Mania is a must-have app for the Porsche 911 enthusiast. It includes photos and data spanning from 1956 to 2010. Each car has a photo with key data that includes engine size, horsepower, transmission, curb-weight, top speed and much more. We also included a
    few non-911 Porsches that are some all time classics. This is a wealth of information at your finger tips!

    The app also includes a puzzle game. Try the puzzle game for an extra bit of 911 fun, also a great way to keep your kid busy!

    All data is locally stored on your phone! No internet connection required after download!
    No waiting for data/photos to download!
    Very quick and easy to use!


    "This has been my favorite car forever. Porsche Mania is awesome!" - Kirby D., Reno, NV, USA

    "The 911 is the greatest series sports cars ever made. Porsche Mania does a great job with the history and background." - Danny C., Los Angeles, CA, USA

    "I love the all-in-one feel of this. No network connection is needed to use this. Porsche Mania is very well put together" - Katey D., San Diego, CA, USA
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