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  • Summary: 99 Letters, a fresh and unique word hunting, lotto ball challenge. High resolution, letter lotto balls make up your board, bouncing, rolling, and falling into place with realistic 3D physics. Every new game refreshes the board, watch them tumble into place, then the challenge begins. Tap touching balls in sequence to make words, the longer the better. Traditional letter scores, length multipliers, gold ball doublers, and a bingo bonus determine the words value. Tap the final letter again, and pop-pop-pop, the balls burst and disappear causing the remaining balls to tumble into the empty spots and alter the layout. Choose your words carefully to maximize your results. Think you achieved the best score a board has to offer? Then challenge a friend to best your score with a Shootout! Same letters, same setup, who will win? The easiest difficulty allows two letter words, the hardest requires at least four letter words, the remaining levels a more traditional three letter minimum. You choose how hard to make it. So, why wait? Start word hunting!Instructions:Tap touching letter balls to make up words. Tap the last letter ball a second time to complete the word and claim your points. Each letter multiplies your total score, gold balls double your score, and 7 letter or more words score a 50 point bingo bonus. Multiple gold balls keep doubling your score. Traditional letter scoring is in effect, harder to use letters give higher scores. Want to try another word? Just tap on a distant ball to begin again. Blank balls act as blocks and may not be used. Choose your words carefully, once the balls burst, the boards changes, sometimes dramatically. Strategy, combined with word hunting skills are key to maximum scores. Every board may be replayed as often as you like, just choose Retry. Choose New to create a new layout. Think you mastered a layout? Challenge a friend by choosing Shootout, and invite a friend to best your score.Enough reading, it's time to start tapping ... 99 Letters! Highlights: Exclusive to iOS, best on the iPad.Realistic 3D physics. Shootout w/Friends. HD letter lotto ball graphics. Sequential letter matching. Completely freeform packing. Find and collect hidden coins. Multiple difficulty levels. High score tracker. Game Statistics. Expand
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