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  • Summary: A Bit Worzled XL is the free version of Worzled XL that's enjoyable in its own right, if you enjoy it why not Go Large.Worzled XL is the wider, larger, bigger brother of Worzled the innovative and addictive new word game that feels so familiar, you will be convinced you've been playing it for years. The new reason why you get less done!Are you a level junkie or a high score chaser? A crossword nut or word search fanatic? Worzled's intuitive gameplay suits all abilities, expect it to ensnare you in seconds. The challenge is to slide your way out…Slide the tiles up, down, left and right to rearrange the letters into words. Longer words get higher scores. Gold tiles higher than silver; silver tiles higher than bronze. Line up multiple words in one go to watch your score grow. As your level progresses, your tiles disappear. The only thing that stays put is the target score for that level. If you panic, you won’t be the first – which is why there’s a button for that. And if you get beyond panic, beyond addiction, beyond knowing how long you’ve been playing… you’ll end up Worzled. Luckily there’s a button for that, too. Watch as some of your tiles are reset, giving you another chance to reach the target.Give Worzled 5 minutes, we'll take care of the rest of your day! Collapse
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