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  • Summary: Hey kids, here's a great way to have fun and to begin learning other languages too. Put your brain to work andtry to see how far you can get in this talking memory game. So what do you say kids, get that cerebellum of yours in gear and soonyou'll become a mastermind…sort of.This is a great game for testing your memory, and learning new languages at the same time. It's just a simple follow the leader game, it will keep adding spoken words and you have to repeat them.For example, it starts by saying one word and you repeat that word. Next, it will say the first word then add a word. You repeat that sequence starting with the first word and then the second word. The program will then repeat the first word, the second word and add a third word. Again you’ll repeat the first word, the second word and the third word, so on and so on until you miss the sequence, and when you do you lose.There are nine different levels with five different languages in each level. The languages are English, Spanish, Italian, French and German.There is even a button that mixes things up for you. So have fun and give that brain of yours a good workout. Collapse
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