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  • Summary: And Then Adventures, LLC, announces the release of A Mage Life!Here's how to play it:http://www.youtube.com/user/WayfInTheRealm#p/a/u/0/FaPOGw4WHfIA Mage Life takes gaming to a whole new level of game play with its compelling 3D graphics and GPS positioning for real-world, real-time Battles. It's easy to learn, but hard to master.The quest begins here:Transform an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into your own magic Runestone, and enter the Realms through the Door of Perception. Earn Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Plasma Spells in the Vortex of Attainment, and learn their Spell Effects in your personal Spellbook. When you have learned a few Spells, venture into the Battle Ball and search the Map for opponents to battle in the Realms. These beings know Spells too. Some know less and some know more than you. Challenge one, and if it accepts, begin to cast your Spells as your foe does the same. Beat beings with more Spells than you, and take a Spell from them … but if you lose, they just might take one from you! Risk and reward await in every Battle.But the fun really begins when another human shows up on the Map. Battle your friends … or any human in the Realm, anywhere in the world. Earn Spells by winning Battles, or, visit the Traveling Emporium, always somewhere on the Map, to purchase your Magical Resources: Arcanium, Infinitum and Revidium. These Resources help to learn a few more Spells immediately, when the Battle demands it; or recover more quickly after losing a Battle; or gain more perception to improve your understanding of Magic in the Realms!This unique, imaginative game contains over 150 Spells which each player tries to earn and learn. And the game can introduce new Spells at any time, it is an always evolving experience. During Battles, each Spell cast, from simple … to wild and mind-blowing, is shown with stunning, full 3D visuals, while the opponent's Spells are simultaneously shown in small Battle Slices at the bottom of the screen, to aid in the player's strategic responses. The better the strategy, the better the chances of winning! But luck still plays a big part. At least at first … Magic is Magic, after all.Here's how to play it:http://www.youtube.com/user/WayfInTheRealm#p/a/u/0/FaPOGw4WHfI Expand
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