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  • Summary: ??? Featured by Apple under "New and Noteworthy" games! ???

    ??? Are you bored? Stuck somewhere with nothing to do? Only have one minute to play? We have just the perfect APP for you! ???
    ??? One Minute Mania! will probably be one of the MOST INSANELY ADDICTIVE game you will ever
    play! ??? Tap all items that match the one shown at the bottom of the screen before the time runs out. You've got only 1 minute!! Try your best to match items quickly to get higher points. And get combo multipliers when you match identical items quickly! FEATURES: - Simple yet INSANELY ADDICTING!!! - Automatically save your high scores! - Want to see how you rank against the rest of the world? Send your scores online! - Facebook integration: Share what you are playing and brag your high score to your friends! - Highly polished graphics, excellent user interface and entertaining sounds! - Over 40 awards and achievements to reward you for your reflexes and skill. So, you think you can play this game without getting ADDICTED?? Go ahead. Try it. WE DARE YOU!!! Share with your friends and family! See who among you can get the highest score! - You will LOVE watching your friends FAIL this game! Got a competitive edge? We guarantee you won't be able to put the game down until you get the best score! AWARDS/ACHIEVEMENTS: 1. First strike 2. Short timer 3. Nice start 4. Read the instruction 5. Pressed for time 6. Getting the hang of it 7. Pressure 8. Medalist 9. Keep trying 10. Way below average 11. Fast reaction 12. Great Depression 13. Below average 14. Hour glass 15. Committed 16. Decorated 17. Grand Canyon 18. Average 19. Slightly above average 20. Crater 21. Above average 22. Dedicated 23. Collector 24. Impressive 25. Sweaty palms 26. Need a break 27. Get some fresh air 28. Need a massage 29. Veteran 30. Burned fingers 31. Super human 32. Get a life 33. In need of therapy - Become an expert at One Minute Mania Super Search Frenzy and unlock all of them if you can! Brag to us and show the world you are the MASTER! Warning: May cause sleep deprivation, increase in blood pressure, temporary blindness, involuntary outbursts, and fits of rage. Brought to you by Zealogic, the makers of many top iPhone games on the App Store such as Air CocoMon, Animal Soccer and Alert! - The Impossible Game. Expand
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