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  • Summary: ABC_speed??????????????,????????????????flash?????,????????,????????,??????????????????????????ABC_speed??????,???????,ABC_speed??????????????????????????????????????????????????????APP??,?????:????????????????????????????PK??????????????????APP???????,???????,??????????????ABC_speed??????????????,????????????????flash?????,????????,????????,??????????????????????????ABC_speed??????,???????,ABC_speed??????????????????????????????????????????????????????APP??,?????:????????????????????????????PK??????????????????APP???????,???????,?????????????????????Featuring fast, accurate and resolute, ABC_speed is a fun APP game that aiming at testing reaction speed. This APP combines element of English alphabet. Based on the most popular flash game, ABC_speed spurs people to practice reaction speed while in the entertainment. Do you want to know who can achieve perfection in the race with your friends? Come to ABC_speed and move your fingers, you will know it. Moreover, this APP also has a badge achievement system as encouragement. Will you be the first one that achieves all badges? Come and explore bunch of addictive mini games.Buying this app, you can expect to get:One fun reaction speed test APP game modeBadges achievement systemFinger sportCompare reaction with friendsIf you have any suggestions on how we could further improve the design of our apps, please leave us a message at We always appreciate comments on how to make our apps even better. Expand
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