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  • Summary: Non-stop Digging Action Game "Tap Drill" (Tap Drill - Who will be the deepest digger?!)Destruct arrow marked blocks with very easy & simple manual - Tap & Slide !!!Upgrading items by oil gained from breaking blocks. How much deep can you dig??Fun, keep triable, and never-ending game! the Tap Drill ~- Let's get into the deep ground by breaking blocks!- Can you dig deeper than me on "Tap Drill"? Then, bring it on!!! - Get addicted to this game. Fun. Can't help stopping! !! Special Feature !!- You can compare your rank record to top ranker's from RANK(Gamecenter)- Easy & simple manual - slide ↑/↓/←/→ marks on blocks.- Break blocks with quick reaction on the right time.- Upgrading items by oil gained from breaking blocks. (laser, turbo, oil gauge up, big drill) - Items for breaking many blocks.(laser, turbo) - Protect from "Big Drill" by using "Big Drill Item"- "Fast" cash item can get rid of early boredom.- "Resurrection" cash item when the game over. - Challenge for record !!! (can get various records)!! Caution !!-. This game allow you to purchase in-game-items for real money. Expand
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