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  • Summary: Are you a wordsmith? Lover of wordplay? Or perhaps simply enjoy challenging those smarty-pants who are handy at wielding words? Try the free Addictionary!

    The Addictionary is the democratization of language. Move over, Ms. Avoid-the-Passive-Voice and Dr. Latin-Roots, because in this
    online dictionary, the grammar, spelling and usage rules we learned in school don’t apply. The people decide which words belong here and what they mean. Prepare to LOL.

    This alpha version of the Addictionary for the iPhone offers There Oughta Be A Word (“TOBAW”) challenges. The user-community provides the (often topical) definition that needs a word, and the you get to offer the word! And get permanent attribution for your clever creativity.

    Have a definition in need of a word yourself? Got to and enter it. It’ll automatically appear for the rest of iPhone users, challenging *them* to come up with a word for *your* definition.

    There’s always a fresh challenge to titillate your lexical taste buds.

    Stay tuned for branded versions of the iPhone Addictionary!

    What’s your word?

    We felt Mama2amelia's review was spot on, so...
    - We added speed, speed and more speed.
    - We simplified the navigation simplified, and increased the size of nav icons providing easier interaction for us fatter-fingered folks.
    - We removed the confusing header hyperlink.

    If anyone has cool ideas, or finds a niggly, let us know!
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