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  • Summary: ??????????ENJOY PLAYING ADVENTURE CHUB JUMP PLUS+ WITH NO ADS TO DISTRACT YOU FROM GOING FOR THE GOLD AND ACHIEVE CHUBS ULTIMATE FITNESS GOAL!???????????????BE WARNED: THIS GAME IS HARDER THAN IT LOOKS????? ?????INSANELY FUN AND ADDICTIVE?????WE ASKED A FEW PEOPLE THEIR THOUGHTS ON THE ADVENTURE OF CHUB JUMP. HERE ARE WHAT SOME HAD TO SAY ABOUT THE GAME. "DECEIVINGLY HARD BUT ADDICTIVE ENOUGH TO KEEP YOU PLAYING. I JUST WANT TO KEEP PLAYING AND SEE THIS COOL POGO JUMPER RACE UP AND SEE HIM TRANSFORM TO A SUPER FIT GUY!!" - JOSH FRY "A NEAT NEW GAME THAT IS BOTH FUN AND PROMOTES HEALTHY LIVING!" - DR. KAJAL PATEL?????????????????????????What sets Adventure of Chub Jump apart from all the other jumping, flying, and racing games? SIMPLE: THIS RIDICULOUSLY FUN GAME PROMOTES HEALTHY LIVING AND STAYING FIT!! ****In the Adventure of Chub Jump, you guide this awesome character on a pogo-stick race and jump up as high as he can collecting as many healthy apple & chicken points possible to reach his ultimate goal — to become super healthy and fit! Using some of the most subtle and accurate tilt controls around, you must help Chub on a springy pogo-stick journey up various adventures, picking up healthy red and green apples, delicious chicken drumsticks, avoiding balls with spikes, greasy burgers and stomping on crazy pizza monsters along the way! Laugh, cry, or get mad - You will go through all this crazy roller coaster of emotions playing the crazy cute jumping Chubz while you spring your way up with delight as you stomp through endless pizza monsters and see him transforms more and more into a fit young pogo stick jumper! BE WARNED AGAIN: Insanely fun and addictive! You, your kids, grandma, and the whole family can enjoy playing this game! ????FEATURES????* 5 AWESOME ADVENTURE MAPS* UNLIMITED BOOST BUY IN OPTION* RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME TILT RESPONSE TIME* 6 DIFFERENT CHARACTER TRANSFORMATION * SOCIAL SHARING FOR BOTH TWITTER AND FACEBOOK????DON'T FORGET TO LIKE US ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER! @DStudioApps!???? Expand
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  1. Jan 19, 2013
    Adventure Chub Jump is by far one of the most exciting and unique take on casual gaming! Watch Chubs transform his body as he journey up and up with nifty pogo stick from a chubby guy to a stunning, fit and healthy pogo stick jumper! A chubby kid jumping on a pogo stick collecting apples and chicken to loose weight. Who would have thought that can be made as a game. Genius! Addictive and harder than I thought! I can see how this game can keep you playing. You just want to keep seeing this cute chubby kid transform to a lean mean pogo jumping machine! Expand