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  • Summary: Aircraft 1 is an exciting air combat game with close to reality combat environment and great stereo sound effect. FEATURES:1. There are several aircrafts for player to use. (more aircrafts are coming later) Our design teams have worked hard to refine the aircrafts to make it more real.2. Stereo sound effect: Enemy aircrafts engine sound around you with doppler effect, Bullet impact and explosion sound enhance the gaming experience.3. Heat seeking missile and auto target machine guns make attacking enemy easier.4. When being attacked by missile, the missile alarm will turn on. To defend against missile, "flares" can be used. It can interfere the missile's heat seeking capability so that player can escape from the missile attack.5. There are several terrains to select (more are coming). Gamers can feel the speed of the aircraft by the underlying moving terrains that enhance the gaming experience.6. The default viewing angle is from the back of the aircraft. It allows 360 degree full range viewing. You can see the enemy at the front, back, left and right.7. Radar screen allow player can locate missile and enemy plane around you from top down view. 8. The aircraft is responsive and will not slow down even if more enemy objects come out. This apps is created with low level OpenGL programming. It is not created with game building tools. So the performance is superior as it can be optimized at the very low level.Our teams have spent much time to improve game experience and game performance. We make aircraft shadow, the engine flame, the 3D sound effect and the artificial intelligence that combined to create a real experience. We hope you can enjoy it. Expand
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