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  • Summary: ******************************* - This game is USA edition. - Airline conqueror is very simple. Just drag your airplane to same color of destination. If you love path-drawing games, Make sure you check out Airline Conqueror the best. *******************************

    Airline Conqueror world version
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    Writer : Matrex (United Kingdom)

    I did not like this at first, I thought it was a poor copy of Flight Control & Harbor Master but when you get into it you can't put it down.
    Best score so far is 137 can we have an online leaderboard in a future updates to compare scores with other players.
    I actually think this is better than the competition even though it only has one level, gets mental as it goes on with about 20 planes to control at once!


    You can be the airline conqueror!

    - Must follow 5 kinds of rules. -

    1. Visit many country's major cities, and find there special products, relics, symbols.
    2. Make safety airlines to arrive at destination.
    3. Control concords, airbus, boeing, air-balloons.
    4. When risk of accidents, need to reset the course quickly.
    5. Danger comes when you least expect it.

    Good luck!

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    Airline Conqueror is Ad-Free and more funny.
    It has Global/Local ranking system.
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