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  • Summary: *** ON SALE -50% OFF- FOR A LIMITED TIME ***

    Noted as "New and Noteworthy" by Apple.

    Alien Splat is an action packed game where players try to splat as many aliens and spaceships as they can by tapping the flying object, which are moving across the screen. For each level, the
    player is only allocated a limited amount of time depending on the level. The faster you are, the higher your score. As the player progresses through the levels, different kinds and additional spaceships appear. Every so often, you'll come across a level that has an alien boss. These levels can get pretty difficult.

    Game Play:
    This game can be very difficult to play at first, but once you learn how to tap the aliens with your finger (quickly), it's highly addictive. This game is a fast paced action arcade style game.

    - 60 Action Packed Levels
    - 6 Boss Levels
    - 5 Different Alien Spaceships
    - Out of this world graphics
    - Adrenaline in Game Music
    - AGON Leader Board
    - AGON Awards System
    - Twitter integration
    - Facebook integration


    "Wow this game is very challengin with it's fast paced action. Hard to put down..." - Fo$hizz

    "Very fast paced, makes for a challenging game" - bugsplatter

    "This game is challenging but loads of fun!" - SacPike
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