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  • Summary: The story:The Fifo, a people of space nomads, had to make a stop in the normal space unintentionally. As they were leaving the meta space, hostile energy beings destroyed their portal generator and chased them away.Terrified and without the possibility to return to the meta space, the Fifo populated a nearby solar system and tried to become happy there. This seemed to work for quite some time, but soon the raw materials of the planet ran out and when it was reported that a very aggressive drone ship has entered the sector, the Fifo decided to locate the fragments of their portal generator and leave this unfriendly sector.However, the fragments of the generator were scattered over the planets of the entire sector over this long period and must be recovered first. Once this is done, the Fifo can reassemble their portal generator and return to the meta space to finally continue their journey.ALIEN TRIBE is a level free game which combines several genres. Here, a Universe Sandbox meets real-time strategy and a pinch of Tower Defence. Populate the numerous planets and extract different raw materials. Build weapons platforms for defence and research centres to improve your skills. Should the raw materials of the discovered planet not be sufficient for you, scan the space for asteroids and extract additional raw materials there.Key Features:- Universe Sandbox- Discover solar systems and planets- Populating- Research- Asteroids mining- And much more ... Expand
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  1. May 5, 2013
    In a market where Ascendancy has been remade for mobile devices, it's clear that it's possible to build a decent 4X game on a mobile platform. Alien Tribe works at being its own 4X game, and it does an admirable job, if somewhat uneven. So, on the plus side, we have a good colonization game, complete with resource management, planet survey, resource acquisition, and research tree. Nifty. Graphics are solid, audio better than average. The plot is thin, but it really doesn't matter; in a 4X, you're building your own plot for the most part. The downsides, though, involve game pacing and combat mechanics. The game is unevenly paced; difficulty will ramp up quickly, meaning that you may be caught unawares unless you embrace an aggressive building strategy right from the go. Combat is kinda wonky, too; any ship in range of a hostile will open fire, but the AI is very limited, meaning that it's usually two ships in a chase taking shots of opportunity. You can try to get creative with a hounds-and-hunters strategy, but the AI is either too smart (or too dumb) to be steered effectively. Overall, this is a good colony game with more of a defensive rather than 4X "exterminate" part (which suits me just fine; I'm happier defending my colonies than going on the offensive). But the inability to effectively defeat the threat against your colonies does mean that everything drags on. So a solid 7 to Alien Tribes, a very good 3.5X game for the iOS platforms. Expand