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  • Summary: ??? Please Attention ???This Allies vs. Axis game has no relationship with "Axis and Allies" board game. Also Allies, Axis are popular words worldwide.Allies vs. Axis is a board game inspired from Monopoly board game with distinctive game rules. I'm making a new game depicts World War 2, not copy from anyone else, buyers can see the differences in screenshots. I did write down in the first screenshot, a "Completely New Board Game".I'm making the game rules clearer with tutorial and submit the update soon. I personally thanks to devxx and Alex Brainerd who gave very honestly reviews to improve the game, every suggestion is appreciated.Please be aware before you buy and be fair when rating and reviewing. ???????????????Allies vs. Axis depicts WW2 in Europe with US, Japan and some other countries.Although inspired from Monopoly board game, Allies vs. Axis (AvsA) has more innovative & different features:? Strategic Move: unlike Monopoly which purely based on luck when throwing dices, AvsA allows players having strategic moves to land on desired places. It is not only more fun but also give players more tactic choices.? Strategic Cards: most strategic cards in AvsA do not go into effect immediately, players allow to keep and use them when suitable. Some cards such as Nuclear Bomb, Pearl Harbor, Russian Winter, Siege of Leningrad, Avalanche, Blizzard, Espionage, etc. are powerful enough to weaken any strong enemies.? In AvsA, players do not have only one option to own a land, players can choose either Sign a treaty or Invade by army. However signing a treaty may increase the Treaty cost as well.? Tokens: each player is represented by a small token. There are 12 tokens that are famous WW2 army symbols such as Britain's Target, Russian's Sickle, America's Roundel, etc. ??? More Information ???- Player beats Battleship AI to unlock new game mode. Battleship AI either has extra cash or more tanks/aircraft or a nuclear bomb.- When having enough resource for a strategic move, player has 3 seconds to decide which move. Pause the game does not pause the time.- When Player vs. Player or AI vs. AI, player' profiles are placed in opposite direction; when Player vs. AI, AI profile is placed in the same direction as user view side, player could read easier.- There is a spelling mistake in Pearl Harbor card, we will fix it in the next update.- Any suggestion are welcome. Expand
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