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  • Summary: Have you ever wanted to make an app?Experience what it's like to be an independent app developer, developing hundreds of applications and selling them worldwide with this never-ending game, Alone App Dev Story.- Make AppsChoose a category, do the work, design an icon, then submit it to the store.Sell it in seven continents world-wide and compete against your rivals.- Best Records!Compare your records locally and globally using Game Center- Study!You can make better apps by increasing your coding, designing, and sound skills.Being high-skilled means your can work easier and make higher-quality apps.You can also learn automatically.- EXP System!Gain experience points as you make apps.You can level up with the points to compete against your rivals.More EXPs mean better apps.- AdvertisingAdvertise your apps on the internet, social networking apps, or the media.Advertising isn't the easiest, but it can pay off big.- MentorsYour mentors will help you through the game, and increase your app's quality.- RivalsCompete against rivals. Pick your rivals wisely though.- LotteryGet too weary in life? A little hint of luck might make your day.- Part-time JobsWorking part time might just make you want to make better apps.- RestYou also need sleep, and sometime time off your everyday life to regain your HP.- Dressing Room/StoreDress up your characters and decorate your room for a more efficient development.- SaveDon't forget to save your work. All good developers do.Don't just use apps. Become an app developer and take yourself around the world. Expand
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