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  • Summary: This is a fast-paced and addictive anagram game. The game will give you a word, except that the letters have been scrambled. You simply drag the letters to their correct positions. Then the game gives you another word, and so on.

    Your goal is to solve as many words as possible before
    time expires.

    Features include:

    * Four different levels of difficulty.

    * A "New word" button that you can use if you think the current one is too difficult.

    * A game review feature that lets you see all the words you got . . . and the ones you missed!

    * A practice mode with a "hint" button that gives you a little bit of the correct answer. If you are still stuck, you can ask for another hint, and another . . . until you see it.

    * A settings screen that lets you customize the game to your taste.

    * High score tracking, a pause button, and . . .

    * No pop-ups or other annoying ads! Just a simple "about" button that gives you information about the full version, if you choose to push it.

    But above all, this game stands out from the others because of the touch-and-drag control for rearranging the letters. Most people find it intuitive, natural, and easier to use than the alternatives.

    If you have any comments or suggestions, I would love to hear from you -- [name of this game] at gmail dot com.

    Anagrams have never been so fast, easy, or fun!
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