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  2. Negative: 30 out of 109

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  1. Apr 5, 2014
    A physics based game with physics that are off. I can see how and why the theme appeals to children, but I can't see how the gameplay does. For such a wildly popular game, it's surprisingly tedious. Certain levels require a level of precision from your moves that the game just isn't capable of, so the majority of levels just come down to either luck or the use of some game breaking power-up. The majority of your birds are also surprisingly ineffective against the more sturdy levels that have buildings made out of stone rather than wood. To be honest the whole things just feels unbalanced and nothing about it ever really clicked with me. Overall the theme is charming, but the gameplay isn't. I give it a 5.7/10-Mediocre. Expand
  2. Dec 27, 2013
    Angry Birds, the undoubted most overrated game on the App Store. Annoying characters, repetitive gameplay and forcing you with in-app purchases if you can't beat a level introduces you to a whole new level of frustration. They really overdid this. All the plush toys, play sets, and even movie licensed sequels all ruin a game with some real potential. I give it one point for the golden egg levels which are the only decent part of the game. Don't buy this game or any of it's sequels,plush toys, or play sets, because seriously, this was overdid. Expand
  3. Dec 12, 2013
    "Angry Birds" will be fun and exciting at the start, but after playing it a fair amount, it starts getting slightly dull. It's basically just a repetition of the same rules with different levels.
  4. Dec 2, 2013
    Angry Birds is the poster child of your typical app store game.

    A casual pleasant puzzle game that is easy to access, but has a robust enough rating system that leaves more dedicated players aiming for the top scores. This game is still updating today, introducing more levels and features for no cost. This game has less in app purchases than the other iterations of Angry Birds that
    have too many in app purchases.

    It's truly a great game with a lot of challenge. The physics are usually precise, but sometimes, it does feel there is a random luck factor involved.

    This is Rovio's best though, and you can't beat the original.
  5. May 27, 2013
    Its addictive for some, but I see why some hate it. Birds can be unlocked with different abilities such as Blue Birds turn into three different ones, Black Birds explode and White Birds drop Egg Bombs. Some Levels are yes, hard, but The Might Eagle is something in the game that takes an hour to charge and clears the whole level. So Angry Birds... its Good.
  6. Mar 30, 2013
    This has got to be one of the most overrated iOS games ever. The game is quite fun at first but then just gets annoying when you get to harder levels. You'll probably end up buying a 'mighty eagle'(it completes the level for you and regenerates every hour) from the app store to help you complete the game. It's just simply a boring and crappy game that should be free.
  7. Mar 24, 2013
    This game is great, but in some stages, it has some of the most difficult stages of games in game history, I swear, it gets VERY hard, but yeah. It's like a washed up video game got out of a piece of crap.
  8. Feb 25, 2013
    It is difficult to say anything bad about first "Angry Birds". Yeah, the game was in some way innovative. It is so easy to get, even a housewife might try it and start playing right away. You may complete the game with one finger. Level might be completed with one single tap on a touch screen. Simplicity is the game's main feature. As soon as the first level is accomplished, you'll want more, and after hours of playing you'll think for the tenth time: "what a hell? just one more level"..
    Yeah, some might say that the game is not original, that it was a clone etc. But it is a mix of gameplay, simplicity, humor, visual design and music that made it a hit. I have no idea, why would pigs need eggs, but story is not the point here, right?
  9. Dec 30, 2012
    Angry Birds is one of the most stunningly innovative games in the app store: it symbolizes the simplicity yet addictive qualities of the app store and is fast becoming the face of gaming.
  10. Nov 21, 2012
    Under the glaze of hype and piles of merchandise, Angry Birds is an unoriginal puzzler with very little variety and annoying sound effects. For a game that's priority is to waste your time, it sure gets a lot of praise.
  11. Oct 1, 2012
    A great start to a fantastic series of Angry Birds games...........
  12. Sep 11, 2012
    Over rated garbage. This game doesnt deserve to even be called a game. in my opionion it just gets boring when you first play it. Horrible game is horrible.
  13. Sep 3, 2012
    AB's main focus is to waste your time and it succeeds completely in fulfilling this need. I think that's why they went to the stock market. Angrybirds must be the most lame game in history. They are "the" only one in their category "strategic non-action" ...impressive!
  14. Aug 26, 2012
    fcking casuals liking this and killing the industry.
  15. Mar 22, 2012
    A solid game with great art and sound work. Genuinely fun. Above and beyond any Zynga game, where you're basically doing point and click chores. Easy to learn, hard to master.
  16. Mar 19, 2012
    To be honest this game never really worked out for me. I just got tired of it after a while.
  17. Jan 27, 2012
    This game is like Call of Duty; It is overly hyped and overly repetitive. People should stop playing garbage, unoriginal games like this. Most video game developers are starting to lose their motivation for creating innovative games.
  18. Jan 3, 2012
    Don't see what all the excitement is about, this games quite boring and annoying .... if your looking for a fun game on your ipod touch get fruit ninja.
  19. Dec 27, 2011
    I gotta say, I personally think this game should have lost its popularity a long time ago. Not because the game is bad, but because I don't believe it's as good as people think. These simple physics-based games remain to be fun, but they all lose their sheen after a while, and Angry Birds is no exception. Angry Birds is still a cut above the rest of the physics games for a reason, the different types of ammunition you fling at the towers are a refreshing innovation. Still, the game does get repetitive, and I find myself switching to other games quickly. If you have an extra buck, by all means, get Angry Birds, but there are more fulfilling iOS games out there for the same price. Expand
  20. Dec 14, 2011
    Strangely addictive. Congratulations for constantly making this game in the top 25, and spending most of its existence in the number one spot. Recommended for kids and adults all alike.
  21. Dec 6, 2011
    This game really isn't as amazing as everyone makes it out to be. You throw birds into building and destroy them to eventually make your way to the enemy hiding inside. The game bores very fast, and is really annoying. But i have to say it is the App that has influences many other developers to making their apps such as Amazing Breaker, and Cut the Rope.
  22. Dec 4, 2011
    IOS/mobile game are breaking the handheld reputation in this generation very hard , now you don't see kid/adults playing with DS( even the 3DS) and PSP this days. I'm surprised of the big grown mobile consoles are getting . Anyway so where was I, ah yeah , Angry Birds , a quirky tittle that will usually hook you up and play it until your mobile handheld explodes .
  23. Dec 3, 2011
    The game has the base element of fun to it but it can get difficult in the annoying and unfair sense as opposed to the way it SHOULD get difficult in the "challenge that I can't figure out YET" way. You know what to do but it's nigh on impossible to do sometimes.
  24. Nov 27, 2011
    Angry birds is considered the mascot for ios, if you have a conversation with anyone about gaming on an iPhone, iPad, it's almost certain, someone will say.."how good is angry birds. It's a simple colourfull title, I which you have to get revenge on a bunch of oinkin annoying pigs, strangely green ones at that. Angry birds to mate has been downloaded by the millions, not hard to believe since it's been with its since the dawn of time, and profoundly over the years has seen some nice updates aww how nice, their are plenty of levels, not amazingly challenging, as you keep hacking away at the hours your sure to beat. It's a must play game, that many others try to beat, but the their physics never come close to match. Expand
  25. Nov 15, 2011
    This game is a non-gamers favourite game. The reason is because they got their new ipod or iphone and have a cool reason to play video games and so the very basic and generate game angry birds for whatever took off. Im going to review it like a normal game though.
    Story: Cant really mark it down, but its quite boring and doesnt feel engaging in the slightest, the free updates continue to
    become more and more unoriginal.
    Graphics: Its a smooth flash game, theres no attempt at anything special.
    Sound: The theme sound is very bland and the constant screaming of birds is annoying.
    Gameplay: Very basic, some people say its strategic. its not, oh god its not. its very flawed, very flukey and i really cant understand how it is addictive. the star rankings are pure luck, and sometimes the trial and error just becomes boring when you have done it a hundred times before.
    Innovation: I see very little creativity and innovation in this game, its a copy paste of a flash game with a repaint with birds and pigs. I feel bad for people who think this is a good game, where have you been for the last 25 years!!! It is "A BIT" of fun and thats all it will ever be. please stop funding this disgrace to gaming history.
  26. Nov 14, 2011
    fun game but it can just get really boring really fast. Its really only good for passing time and for little kids to play (my baby cousin loves it) other than that its worth nothing.
  27. Nov 12, 2011
    I didn't see myself being addicted to this game at all. It just feels so repetitive to shoot Angry Birds at stuff for an entire game. It is not as good as everybody says it is.
  28. Nov 11, 2011
    It's really fun and humorous with pretty strong solid graphics for a free game, but TOOO repetitive.
  29. Nov 6, 2011
    Let's make a game about finding a specific pixel and shoot to win. Let's also dumb down crush the castle and make the gameplay slower, but let's also include some retarded birds. We'll make millions!
  30. Oct 19, 2011
    I can see why this game is addictive to some - Simple one finger gameplay that even a child can pick up, colourful clean graphics and the ability to immediately restart a level with no waiting time so you can easily have "just one more go" at getting 3 stars. You can just switch your brain off and fling birds if you like, or you can put a bit more thought into how you approach new levels. However the game offers no real challenge to anyone other than a casual gamer, and it is unfortunately very repetetive. Once the levels are mastered, there' s no replayability. At least it's cheap. Expand
  31. Oct 14, 2011
    Because of games like Angry Birds, I now love those physic-based puzzle games. Flinging different types of birds at structures to destroy pigs is fun, and some of the later levels really require some hefty strategy.
  32. Sep 21, 2011
    The game sucks. There's no real challenge to it and you just keep launching birds into little forts trying to hurt the piggies inside them. There's really no point in creating a "level-based" game in a mobile device. I hate the fact that this game is so popular in an era where Doodle Jump was born.
    After you are done with it, thats it! There's no motive to ever open the app again other
    than to collect all the little stars (which i did) and achieve absolutely nothing. Expand
  33. Sep 8, 2011
    I am not really a big fan of playing games, but one of my friends showed me Angry Birds and now I am hooked. I even bought it for my iPad! The game keeps my interest because with every try on each level you have the opportunity to create a different outcome. It is a lot more challenging than I had expected because of the different birds and landscapes in each level. It is easy enough for a kid to figure out but also challenging enough for an adult, so it is truly a game for all ages!!! Expand
  34. Sep 4, 2011
    I rarely play games but am a serious Angry Birds player (I currently rate in the top 5%!). I got hooked trying to get through levels and then discovered that you can get more points by working for three stars and 100% eagle destruction. My grandkids come to me to help them through a level and buy me Angry Birds t-shirts!
  35. Jul 11, 2011
    Angry Birds is an unoriginal game, taking elements from Crush the Castle and more. Its poor execution hinders the fun. When the Screaming Eagle (or whatever it was, I don't have the app anymore) was released, I immediately was disappointed with Rovio. Making us pay 1 dollar for a cheat showed that Rovio was being a sellout. The hype around it is too much for the game's quality, and its ubiquity is fairly annoying. It doesn't live up to the expectations. Like other reviews have said, it is repetitive as you go on and has little replay value after a while, unlike other games on iOS. Expand
  36. Jun 28, 2011
    I think Angry Birds lives up to the hype. I was late getting the game and only downloaded it because of some persistent friends. Like any other medium of entertainment, I usually don't expect a game to live up to the hype but Angry Birds did. The graphics and sounds mirror the game-play: clean, smart and high quality.
  37. Jun 18, 2011
    Angry Birds is a fantastic App for Apple Products! The levels are complex enough to keep you interested using basic physics to create a brilliantly witty arcade game. The birds themselves are wonderfully drawn/created and with the newest Ipod Touch's retna screen looks amazing each time. The general plot of this app is that some weird deformed green pigs have stolen all of your eggs and its up to you the birds too seek them out from under their shelters, destroy them and reclaim your eggs. Yes I'm serious! I'll quickly run you through the general birds; Red- These birds are the general birds you are first confronted with to wreak havoc. Next are Yellow- These birds are most effective against wooden shelters as with one tap on your screen they boost forward giving them extra power. Then there is Blue- These little fellows explode into 3 when the screen is tapped most effective against glass. Next there are Big fat black ones- These birds can either explode in mid-air by a tap of the screen or they can sink marginlly into a surface and explode on their own. White Birds- drop explosive eggs onto the surface from above! Last but certainly not least is the Giant Red Birds- These guys annihilate multiple surfaces and destroy a lot of birds you normally only get one a level. The worlds are lovely and colorful and a blast to play on! An amazing app which will go down in history not to mention that they release new levels all of the time and even some for movie release IE; Angry Birds Rio definetley a must buy!! Expand
  38. May 23, 2011
    Fun at first, but too challenging early on. When I first tried Angry Birds the demo, the game seemed very promising, it was challenging and very addicting and I was draining a good charge in one sitting. However, when I bought the full retail game (because my GF wanted to try the full game) we were both stumped and felt like complete noobs judging from the pro standing we had with the demo. For starters, there are around 5 chapters and then some bonus "Golden Egg" levels. Within' the first Chapter there are 3 sections containing levels, and by the 3rd section there was a level in particular where it's taken my GF and I a whole month to complete, and considering that just the first chapter, that's too difficult too early on. Not a bad game, worth $0.99, but the $0.99 Eagle bird or whatever, that automatically lets use skip a level (or whatever) is a sham. I don't think it's worth any more or any less than $0.99, and I don't see what all the hypes about. Expand
  39. Apr 27, 2011
    With plenty of colorful backgrounds and charming protagonists and antagonists -- which are weapons and targets in Angry Birds -- it's one of the funnest, most varied iOS games.
  40. Apr 22, 2011
    An iPod game that will keep you addicted for a while, but is ultimately repetitive over time. Perhaps it is the hype around this game that makes it disappointing after a while.
  41. Apr 1, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is a GREAT GREAT game but some of the golden eggs are to easy to find like the one on the world select you just press the sun. But the best part is how its only 99 cents Expand
  42. Mar 20, 2011
    Simply genius. This is the best game available for the iPhone, and it's a steal at 99 cents. It would be stupid not to get it. There is so much content to play. I'm not even a third of the way through it, because there's an update every month with more free levels.
  43. Nov 6, 2011
    Let's make a game about finding a specific pixel and shoot to win. Let's also dumb down crush the castle and make the gameplay slower, but let's also include some retarded birds. We'll make millions!

Generally favorable reviews - based on 13 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 13
  2. Negative: 0 out of 13
  1. Mar 18, 2011
    Angry Birds didn't become one of the most popular titles in the App Store for nothing. It's a very simple, physics-based formula, but it's a lot deeper than one might think. Strategic, rich thanks to the different types of birds to throw, blocks to shatter, and pigs to destroy in the process, Angry Birds may puzzle your brain a lot more than expected at first if you want to get all three stars for each level. And its price is as low as ever for hundreds of levels of fun. A definitive must-have of the App Store and Android Market.
  2. Jan 29, 2011
    Title arguments aside, there's no doubt Rovio have created one of the best games in the App Store to date.
  3. Jan 29, 2011
    I cannot think of a single thing you could buy for that money that would give you as much entertainment and sheer fun as this title.