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  • Summary: ***** AWESOME FUN GAME ***** Choose your favourite Animal Skater and race your friends through the dark city streets.....AND NO ADS IN THE PRO VERSION TO SPOIL THE FUN!!! George “the Grinder” Gater – the tough guy skater Charlie “Kickflip” Cheetah – the coolest of the gang Reggie “the Rascal” Monkey – the cheeky one of the gang Ruby “Diamondz” Rabbit – the cutest of the group Zack “Stripe Man” Zebra - The gang's funny man! Night has fallen and the last visitors have left the zoo, but the animals are restless…. They know it is THEIR turn to have some fun! Using the master key stolen from the zoo keeper, Reggie lets the gang out of their cages and in the dead of night they take to the streets of the city to do what they love best…… SKATE! Join the gang as they skate the streets, grabbing air and doing tricks all the while staying in front of the zookeeper who wants them back in their cages! A great game for kids of all ages!!! "...heaps of fun! You got to try it!" "My fav skater is Charlie the Cheetah... He is EPIC cool!" "Awesome! Simple game but tons of fun to play with my friends" "OMG!!!!!! The rabbit is SOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!" Let us know your favourite Animal Skater at Find us on Facebook at Expand
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