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  • Summary: UPDATE: We were approached and we've just received confirmation from a customer that Apple have chosen to install Animal Snap! on their demo phones throughout Apple Stores in the US, for customers to experience the kind of innovation/fun that the iPhone makes possible.

    Much appreciated
    Apple. Thanks!

    'Young' Player Video Review:
    *This alone makes all our work worthwhile! Let's send him some traffic :)


    Hot on the heels of the success of SNAP!, Collect3 are proud to release 'Animal SNAP!' for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    Same high production value - only better, because now it's completely re-built with exciting new 3D graphics and an animal theme, for kids and families to enjoy together!

    Animal SNAP! v1.1 for iPhone and iPod Touch.

    - One of the few 2 Player games available, and perhaps the only 3D iPhone game to provide an opportunity for kids and adults to play together.
    - Kids learn about Animals and the alphabet while having fun, and developing their hand eye co-ordination.
    - Mum and Dad retire safe in the knowledge their kids will become videogame champions and keep them in the lifestyle they deserve :)

    Animal SNAP! gives you the chance to introduce a new generation to the timeless classic card game SNAP! Completely reinvented for the next generation of would-be card sharks, Animal SNAP! utilises the unique touchscreen and 3D graphics capabilities of your device to deliver a unique, entertaining, educational and highly addictive 'Fastest Finger First' style of gameplay that is fun for the whole family.

    Animal SNAP! for iPhone and iPod Touch features:

    - 1 and 2 Player Support
    - 3D Animal Themed Playing Cards
    - Funky Music and Animal Sound Effects
    - Customisable Deck - Choose from 3 colors or your own photos.
    - A range of 3D Playing Environments
    - Multitouch SNAP! Detection
    - Pinpoint Scoring Accuracy (no more arguments over who was fastest)
    - Scoring and Performance Stats
    - Regular New Features and Upgrades

    Animal SNAP! for iPhone and iPod Touch is fun for all ages, lets you test your reflexes to see if you've still got what it takes, and gives you the chance to show your friends, kids or family what you (and your iphone) are really made of!


    * To be advised of upcoming New Apps coming soon from Collect3, send a blank email to

    Our Other Apps: XBMC Remote - Remote for Media Centre.
    Picture Safe - Password protect your Images!

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