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  • Summary: LIMITED TIME SALE! $2.99 ==> $0.99 !!

    Massive full-length action adventure!
    Puppies with shotguns, stealth Kung Fu kittens, hacker chickens with tasers, chaos, madness, mass explosions, mass hysteria, and mass destruction! Oh My!
    Fight your way through animal soldiers while solving brain
    teasing puzzles in order to save the world from global terrorism. Capture hostages along the way and interrogate them for information. Power up and go berserk in destruction mode and lay waste to the environment around you. Oh, did we mention that you are not human?

    * Play 3 characters at the same time, each with unique special abilities
    * Completely interactive and destroyable environments
    * Amazing artificial intelligence including true line of sight combat and enemies that react to your every move
    * Submit your game stats online after completion for the world to see
    * Over 35 challenging levels and 7 spectacular mission bosses which take you around the world from Australia to Iraq
    * In game training mission tutorials
    * Auto save your game progress with up to 3 unique games slots
    * Fun colorful graphics and animation
    * Innovative 2.5D graphic technology Truly move in front or behind any object in 2D space
    * High quality music and sound effects put you into the game with mute option
    * Countless hours of game play in a massive full-length action adventure!
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