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  • Summary: Appibabies is the 1st mobile app to make babies in less than 9 months with your friends.Babies are really cute! But having a baby in real life can also be a real pain! They often cry, they cost a lot of money, you sleep less, and on top of that: it still takes 9 months to make them.That's the problem we solve with appibabies. With appibabies, in just 1 second, you can make virtual babies with your friends (even from the same sex) or other users and grow them up together!Once you have your baby, you can educate him, feed him, change him, dress him and chat with your co-parent. Find many cool goodies and fun clothes in the babyshop. But be careful, having a baby is a true competition. Like all the parents in the real world, your purpose is to have the most beautiful baby. * Appibabies won the 1st prize in Startup Weekend Paris** Appibabies won the 1st prize in Europe Startup weekend battle*“More than a Tamagotchi, appibabies is a 2 player game where couples can test their compatibility to have babies :)” Olivier“It’s really fun to meet people and ask them to make babies” AlexandreFeatures: - find friends on Facebook to make babies - have multiple babies with multiple partners - chat with your co-parents - collect coins to upgrade your baby - find goodies and clothes in the babyshop - customize your baby with fun clothes - unlock new levels for your babies - compare your baby with other ones - share your baby on facebook Expand
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