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  • Summary: *** Get the content of all 6 ***
    *** aQ's Slider Puzzle apps ***
    *** for the price of only 3!!! ***

    Enjoy the traditional slider puzzle with a twist of nature, travel, ancient civilizations, and space with this special 6-pack combo. Choose from an assortment of over 100 beautiful
    photos -- 18-20 for each theme (all taken by the developer himself, except for the space photos, courtesy of NASA). Unlock advanced levels by successfully completing easier ones, until you reach the Impossible. Be the first to complete one of those!


    * includes all 6 themes of the "aQ's Slider Puzzle" series of apps:

    1) iLove Nature: includes photos of birds, butterflies, frogs, dragonflies, grasshoppers & other insects
    2) iLove Birds: includes photos of egrets, magpies, myna birds, and many more
    3) iLove Travel: includes photos of North & South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East
    4) the Maya: includes photos of the ruins of the ancient Mayan world in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras, including the cities of Tikal, Copan, Chichen Itza and Palenque
    5) Egypt: includes photos from both ancient and more modern Egypt, including Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor and Aswan, and covering ancient wall carvings, statues, temples, tombs and pyramids
    6) Space: includes photos of our Moon, planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies, and manned spacecraft (all courtesy of NASA)

    * each of the 6 included slider puzzle themes includes 18-20 fascinating, unique photos
    * 4 skill levels: Easy, Medium, Hard and Impossible
    * unlock progressively harder skill levels
    * addictive, challenging game play
    * every puzzle is solvable -- no frustrations here!
    * have fun watching the unique, puzzle-setup randomizer in action!
    * options to reshuffle, view a hint, or go back to choose another picture
    * smooth animation
    * maximized puzzle size for full-screen enjoyment
    * keeps track of total time and moves
    * saves best time, moves and date completed for each image at each level

    Feel free to try any of the individual puzzles first, if you wish:

    - Q's Slider Puzzle: iLove Nature
    - Q's Slider Puzzle: iLove Birds
    - aQ's Slider Puzzle: iLove Travel
    - aQ's Slider Puzzle: the Maya
    - aQ's Slider Puzzle: Egypt
    - aQ's Slider Puzzle: Space

    If you love traveling, be sure to pack first, with the help of two of my other popular, award-winning apps:

    - Packing (+TO DO)
    - Packing Pro
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