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  • Summary: ? In celebration of our developer, BB finally paying off his loan for motocycle we are offering "ArcherCat" for FREE. Grab it now while you can! ?ArcherCat – The Appearance of the First New HeroFeline Kingdom is under a dire threat by the birds that have gone insane due to evil curse put on by a Witch.A young but brave Archer Cat sets off on an adventure to save the Feline Kingdom.An amazing secret of the Feline Kingdom is revealed as the story is played out.Diverse characters appear throughout the game to add texture and excitement to Archer Cat’s adventure throughout the game.Raise your very own Archer Cat and build your character to become the world’s number 1 hunter.Engage in an endless ranking battle against the top hunters from all parts of the world for the honorary medal.? Synopsis ?Long, long time ago, there once was a peaceful continent inhabited by cats.*A Dragon also lived on this continent of felines, and the witches intermediated communication between the cats and the Dragon.**Then one day, the Dragon suddenly had gone insane and started to attack the Feline Kingdom. Thanks to the bravery and valor of the Legendary Hunter Django, the Dragon is driven out of the Kingdom, but not before it takes the lives of many cats, including the Queen.*The King, filled with fury, accuses the witches for instigating the Dragon, and leads the Kingdom’s Army himself to take revenge on the witches. The King and his army crush the witches’ village and kill and drive out the witches from the continent.**10 years later*Peace once again returns to the continent, and all the residents of the Kingdom are content with tranquil and serene way of life.*Then one day, a witch, believed to be wiped out for good, appears on the continent leading a massive force of cursed birds. The ferocious birds started to launch its attack on the villages, and the King issues an order to all the Hunters throughout the Kingdom to subjugate the birds and eliminate the Witch. And then…ArcherCat – The Appearance of the First New Hero*Like us on: by Expand
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