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  • Summary: [Game Explanation] - This game involves managing and decorating your own village together with your in- game ‘Minion’.- Grow crops, raise animals and use the ingredients you obtain to build all sorts of things.- You can also help out with friends’ villages, and either work together or compete with each other while trading for the items you need.[Special Features]1. Taking care of your village and creating items- You can grow fruit and crops, and harvest lumber and minerals. Ingredients are used up when erecting buildings or making items. - Use or sell the items you create, and decorate your very own village!2. Kit out and interact with your cute Minion. - Your Minion is your special friend who helps you and keeps your village moving.- Wherever you are in the game, your minion will respond to your touch in an adorable voice.- Try gifting them clothes. They always want to look good in front of you!3. Adorable PetsThese little friends follow your Minion and watch their back whenever and wherever they are4. Livestock make your village look more vibrant.- If you build a farm you can buy livestock at the store.- Your livestock will wander freely around your village, but you can also raise them behind a fence.- Developing better breeds through cross-breeding brings with it even more benefits. You never know, if you’re lucky you might even get a special animal! Expand
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