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  • Summary: How long can you survive when you are in face of a steady flow of alien monsters? Dare to challenge in Armed Beasts? Being willing to compete with your friends? Welcome to the fantastic world-class real 3D shooting game - Armed Beasts! The peaceful and wonderful world mutated into a zombie city in a flash. And more and more alien monsters gathered in our planet, however, the legendary animals which are protecting our beautiful homeland have disappeared. Who is behind all of this? What's the fate of the disappearing legendary animals? When will the dream planet change back to the original beautiful wonderland? Who will be the real ruler of this planet??Combine the wonderful features of shooting game with adventure action game?The original 3D theme game?Six thrilling scenes with the legendary animals?Six characteristic firearms?Super hot power-ups?Infinite game ranking and playability?Interesting mini-game system, easy money and upgrade?Lighthearted auto-shooting and challenging manual firing?Show your credits, challenge the rank and surpass your game center friends Those undefined monsters have become more and more powerful and the number is fast increasing! What are you waiting for? Grab a sniper rifle, pistol, submachine gun, shotgun and other firearms, performing shooting skills to save the legendary animals and protect our beautiful planet! More intriguing game contents will spread out when you are going deeper in the magical 3D adventures. Choose from the pistol with ultra high hit rate and fast continuous shooting performance, sniper rifle with accurate hit rate, submachine gun with speedy continuous shooting performance and shotgun with super high power and great firing stability! Hurry up! Let's destroy more monsters and shooting more zombies to protect our beautiful planet!**************************************************Official FOLLOW Expand
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  1. Oct 29, 2012
    Surviving enemy onslaughts as pistol-packing monkeys and cats is just an inherently fun idea that Armed Beasts effectively executes on. Plus, it's free, so it's not like there's anything to lose.
  2. Sep 21, 2012
    Pretty much everything about Armed Beasts feels middle of the road.