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  • Summary: A great time killer with rich graphics, smooth animations, realistic sound effects, and up to 120 game levels! Save the planet at your fingertips!

    In 2012, the Mice Valley, a group of mice are infected by pollution and turned into ruthless maniacs by toxic gas. They harm the civilians and
    disrupt the harmony of the planet. So what do you do? Identify the enemies with your wisdom, kill them with your skills, and bring peace back to the planet!

    * Slash & smash the mice
    * Protect the civilians
    * Keep away from the bombs
    * Pick up items and supplies on the way
    * Buy inventories from the shop and build up your power
    * Fight with the bosses and their armies
    * Play together with your friends


    Game Features
    * 18 types of enemies, each with its own strengths and weaknesses
    * 3 upgradable weapons - sword, sledgehammer and laser gun
    * Collect random items - gold coins, potions, weapons, and more...
    * Earn money as you kill! The more you kill, the more you get!
    * Purchase valuable and unique items in the shop
    * A story mode with 3 scenes and 3 levels of difficulty
    * A challenging survival mode with unlimited mice and unlimited fun
    * A sophisticated statistics and ranking system - compete with and outplay your friends
    * User-friendly interface and easy-to-use controls
    * Vibration, background music and special sound effects
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