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  • Summary: +++ Introduction price until 01/22/2012 +++Sector5 new media concepts GmbH & Co. KG presents:The story: Dr. Science, and his bag "baggy" are on the farm. Unfortunately, Dr. Science has so much to do, that he is not able to feed the animals on the farm. This is now the children's task. The aim of the game is that children learn which food the different animals eat. This is done by the pushing the right food to the animal. If you did it right, the animal will thank you with an appropriate reaction. Additionally, you can tickle the animals and discover their reaction. Try it yourself!Apart from the particularly beautiful graphics we have placed great emphasis on a simple and intuitive handling of the game. At the beginning of the game you can choose, whether you want to be a boy or a girl.Our idea: Dr. Science explains the worldThe idea for Dr. Science was born in the spring of 2011 in our agency. We have scoured the market for educational and funny apps for our own children. Unfortunately, we were often unsatisfied with the quality of the games offered. Too often we missed the fun in learning. As an agency that deals generally with the training of doctors, our ambition was aroused. The result is the first app "At the funny farm with Dr. Science ",which was extensively tested by our kids and found to be good."At the funny farm with Dr. Science" is the first of a series in which children will have the opportunity to see how things work, while having fun and learning. Be on the lookout for new apps from the series "Dr. Science explains you the world" in the near future. Expand
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