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  • Summary: ATC Voice is a fast-paced, highly realistic, air traffic control game designed from the ground up for the iPad.Use your wits, spatial reasoning, and planning skills, to safely guide planes over, under, and around each other towards their destinations. Play any level using touch commands, or use modern voice recognition technology.ATC Voice is the sequel to ATC – Air Traffic Control and takes everything to the next level -- retina optimized graphics, more levels and sectors, arrival and departure routing, holding patterns, Voice Control, and much more.Introductory Pricing:HALF OFF until September 22, 2013!Your job is to command planes using voice commands or touch commands. Clear arriving planes for approach at the correct airports. Climb departing planes safely, and quickly hand off to the next controller.Features:- Climb and Descend planes, control altitude, and keep them at least 1000ft apart vertically, 3nm horizontally.- Avoid collisions and terrain, respond to warnings within one minute before loss of separation.- Speed up the simulation to 30x real-time speed to earn extra points.- Deal with changing wind and runway conditions, emergencies, and surprises.- Flexible Voice Recognition accepts alternate phrasing of commands and plane idents.- Listen to aircraft read back instructions for verification, or turn off plane speech for faster game play.- Assign a heading or command a plane to fly direct to a navigation fix.- Stack planes in holding patterns.- Choose the simulation environment and game victory conditions in Quick Play mode.- Sign in to Game Center to earn Achievements and see your rank on Leaderboards.- Use the Level Editor to create your own scenarios or edit your quick play generated levels.- Realistic speed and altitude simulation.- Pinch-zoom control of the radar display.- Automatic save and load.- Retina optimized graphics.- Includes three sectors, Denver (KDEN, KAPA, KBJC), Los Angeles (KLAX, KLGB, KSNA, KONT, KBUR), and New York (KJFK, KLGA, KTEB, KEWR) with many easy and challenging levels.VOICE CONTROL:With Voice Control ON, you can play the game like a real air traffic controller using your voice to guide planes, clear them for approach, and hand them off to the next controller.Press the mic button and say the plane's identifier followed by one or more commands. Includes 'Practice Voice Commands' mini-game to help learn the voice commands.ATC Voice understands a long list of voice commands used by air traffic controllers with flexible phrasing like,•“Turn left Heading ONE THREE ZERO”, or “Turn Right TEN degrees.”•“Climb Maintain ONE TWO Thousand”, or “Descend Maintain THIRTEEN Thousand.”•“Fly direct TOMSN and Hold”, or “Cleared direct BLUE MESA VOR.”•“Cleared Approach Runway THREE FIVE LEFT.”Notes:Play offline, no internet connection required.Works on all iPad models, IOS 5.0+This game collects anonymous usage statistics and crash reports for game improvement.I am committed to developing the best games available and appreciate and encourage user feedback on the game’s website. Thank you for supporting independent video game developers. Expand
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