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  • Summary: WARNING !!!!!!!---------------This game is optimized for iPhone 3GS/4 , iPad 1/2 , iPod Touch 3/4 or newer models.Game will face with performance issues on iPhone 3G , iPod Touch or older models.Game Description:-----------------Challenge other four drivers for a match of football (soccer) in this new car game! This is the new version of "World Hummer Football 2010" with a brand new name.There are two games modes: "CHAMPIONSHIP" and "QUICK MATCH""CHAMPIONSHIP" game mode-------------------------You have to press "PLAY" button to play championship.And you can also press "CONTINUE" button for to continue your last championship game.Also if you close the game or restart your device, you will be able to continue your last championship game.There are 32 different countries and 4 cars for each teams.As you win the matches and continue to the championship, opponents are getting harder!!!"QUICK MATCH" game mode-------------------------It is only a one match of challenge.And there are four difficulty level: "EASY" , "NORMAL" , "HARD" and "INSANE"You can choose your country and your opponent country as you wish.All countries has the same power.One match takes 5 minutes (2.5 minutes for each half).While playing the game you can change the car, change the camera (inner and outer camera),and replay the last goal at any time.You can adjust the power of shoot by keeping your finger on the "SHOOT" button.There are 5 different cameras for the replays, press the related camera button to watch the last goal from other view. You can see the control details of your car by pressing "?" (help) button any time. Expand
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