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  • Summary: Awesome Three Card Poker, with some rules ameriolated against the common ones, is a more interesting and more exciting poker game.2 to 5 players are allowed to play simultaneously with 52-card pokers(jokers excluded). Players shall play with military and tactics, as per the game rules, to stand to final and win all the antes on the table.Features in ios version :* Ultra low traffic needed : various network systems supported, with WI-FI preferred . Moreover, with a optimization of network connection, it will save you more traffic. * Exquisite User Interface : specially tailored for iPhone4/4s, iPhone5 and iPad, offering top experience of vision and operation.* Amusive animated emoticons : various emoticons for diffrent emotions, easily let out your pleasure or sorrow. * Distinctive PK system : One-to-One mode supported, quite a challenge of your courage and tactics.Card Types:- Three Of A Kind : Three cards of same rank. e.g. 999, AAA.- Straight Flush : Three suited cards in sequence. e.g. 789 with all SPADE.- Flush : Three suited cards. e.g. 369, all DIAMOND.- Straight : Three cards in sequence. e.g. 345.- Pair: Two cards of same rank. e.g. 99J- High Card : None of the above. Orders in card comparision: 1. For card types: Three Of A Kind Straight Flush Flush Straight Pair High Card. 2. For ranks: A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2. 3. Card type is the first judgement rule, then ranks. If both with same card type and same ranks, the one initiates comparision loses. Expand
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