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  • Summary: "Axiom is FREE for a limited time | Brought to you by 3 Magic Shots. Download 3 Magic Shots to get more awesome apps like Axiom for FREE"Axiom is a math based educational game, where players control a ship and pick up different numbers and operations to solve more than 80 challenging levels. It was programmed using unique fully animated graphics, and it features rhythmic soundtracks and sounds. By solving different mathematical equations and using your quick intuition, while avoiding a series of deadly traps, you can unveil the puzzle and race towards the finish! Axiom contains a full achievement list that would challenge even the quickest and most genius of minds! With full integrated leaderboards, challenge your friends and family and brag about who’s the smartest mathematician.Make Axiom part of your child’s daily routine as it’s designed to educate the young in mathematics in a fun and exciting way. It provides a considerable challenge not only to kids but also to rusty minds. Logic puzzles and unlockables make every minute spent in Axiom fun, useful and rewarding.• More than 80 levels that would challenge your wit and reaction speed.• Aims to entertain and educate in a complete fun way.• Beautiful graphics and colors.• Original soundtrack and effects.• A full tutorial to ease access for both kids and adults.• A full achievement list that would challenge even the swiftest of minds.• Compete with your friends and family’s best scores in the game’s leaderboards.• Suitable for all ages. Expand
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