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  • Summary: “My name is Henry Blake, once a proud officer in England’s Royal Navy. Now I stand a shattered man. Betrayed, imprisoned, my fiancée taken away, I have now found my freedom - and soon I shall find my revenge.”Take on the role of Henry Blake, a broken man whose life was stripped away, and help in his quest for justice and revenge. Climb, jump and sneak your way through diverse settings to reach your target and strike down adversaries. Use your deadly fighting skills and the combo-based combat system to defeat your nemesis and anyone else who gets in your way. Roam freely across a huge island and gaze upon its magnificent full-3D environments and experience the feeling of an immersive, realistic world around you thanks to impressive character interactions with true-to-life voice effects.AN UNPRECEDENTED AND ORIGINAL BLOCKBUSTER FOR iOS GAMERS• Discover a blockbuster production with the best graphics, an unprecedented story & endless content. • Experience an action-packed adventure with open environments, deep combat, platforming and more.WITNESS A DARK AND ACTION-PACKED TALE OF TREASON AND REVENGE• Become a rogue killer with nothing left to live for but vengeance on those who betrayed him.• Use agility, strength and cunning to get the drop on your target, eliminate them quickly and escape.• Master the combo-based combat system to slay anyone standing between you and your prey. FOR THE 1ST TIME ON iOS, EXPLORE A BEAUTIFUL 18TH CENTURY CARIBBEAN ISLAND• Experience an immersive world through impressive character interactions and lifelike voice effects. • Roam across a vast island full of exotic 3D environments like jungles, beaches, a volcano and more.• Investigate 4 unique cities to find new quests and secrets.Warning: This game is not compatible with iPod touch 3G 8GB and older devices. Compatible with iPad 2. Expand
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  1. Jun 24, 2011
    It's gorgeous, it's immersive, and most of all, it's an enormous amount of fun. While a multiplayer mode is sadly absent, the achievements and single-player story alone should be more than enough to make this title worth your while.
  2. Jun 24, 2011
    BackStab is less assassin and more rogue in its approach to open-world action, but if you're simply after a skull-cracking romp you'll get your full share here.
  3. Jun 24, 2011
    BackStab manages to capture much of what makes the Assassin's Creed games so great.
  4. 70
    Backstab isn't a bad game, but it's not the hit that was excepted. Full of promise - and actually packing plenty of content and a lengthy storyline - the game is hindered by unpolished development that leaves the experience with notable bugs.
  5. Jun 29, 2011
    BackStab sails on restless oceans, thrown about by ropey controls and annoying bugs, but it remains a swashbuckling romp that will appeal to fans of Captain Jack Sparrow and his kin – if they can stay the course, that is.
  6. Jun 25, 2011
    Quotation forthcoming.
  7. Jun 29, 2011
    Backstab's lengthy campaign just isn't fun due to the sheer repetitiveness of its missions and dullness of its combat.

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  1. Feb 27, 2014
    Another game by the lazy game-loft studio. It is decent and will have you engaged for the first hour or so, but it gets bogged down by glitches, it gets repetitive, bad voice acting and plot holes. This game looks great on paper, and will give you some entertainment, but not for long. Collapse Expand
  2. Jan 2, 2013
    It's a game that tries to immerse you into a very large 18th-century world where corruption and betrayal pushes your character to fight for his life. It's not a bad game, and you will thoroughly enjoy yourself for the first 90 minutes - and after that, if you can overcome the repetitiveness of the missions, the ridiculous glitches, missions that suddenly stop half way, and a combat system way too simple to make fighting fun, it will stay as a fun game to play. As for me, sadly, it hasn't. Expand