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  • Summary: Now ! the traditional mexican game "El Balero" is already available in the iPhone/iPod Touch!! yehaaa! If you have not played "El Balero" this is your chance !

    "El Balero" is one of the most traditional games played in Mexico !

    Like in the "real Balero", the
    aim of the game is to toss the Balero upwards and then to catch it with the stick. Now with the iPhone/iPod Touch capabilities it is possible to simulate the game and this allows you to carry it with you everywhere and play it where ever you want !

    In this new version of the Balero, the iPhone/iPod Touch is like the stick that will toss the Balero upwards. The Balero is in 3D modeled and the game makes use of the accelerometer to calculate the force that will be used to toss the Balero. The toss force together with other parameters, like the position of the iPhone/iPod Touch, determine if the Balero can be caught with the stick.

    Furthermore, in this new version of the Balero for the iPhone/iPod Touch, it is possible to change the texture of the Balero with any photo that you have in your Photo Library, this something that was not possible in the traditional Balero.

    This version of the game has the two most used tricks of the Balero: "El columpiado" and "El Capirucho" !

    The game can be played between one or two players. You can play two types of games: 500 and Timed (against the clock). In both games the points are counted
    and the participation of each one of the players is coordinated by the application. In this way, you don't have to worry about counting the points of each one of the players.

    It is a very funny skill game. Like in the traditional Balero, it requires some practice and the correct coordination of your movements, in particular, wrist movements.

    The competition between friends make the game even funnier. It can be played in a wide variety of scenarios, for example, gatheries, parties, in the office brake, school, etc. Moreover you train also the coordination of your movements.

    The two types of games (500 and Timed) make the competition between friends very entertainment !

    The game 500, is the traditional one, in this game wins the player, that in equality of turns, reach first the 500 points and the "Exit Throw". Each player will start with the "Columpiado" and if made, he will continue with the "Capiruchos". When a player fails the turn will correspond to the opponent.

    In the game 500 for one player, the goal is to reach the 500 points in the less number of throws.

    The game Timed is a fight against the time, in this game wins the player that made more successful throws before the time is up.


    - It works for iPhone/iPod Touch (iPhone OS 3.0 and later)
    - It has the two most popular tricks of the Balero: "El columpiado" y "El Capirucho"
    - It uses the accelerometer to toss the Balero upwards
    - It uses Open GL for the 3d modeling of the Balero
    - It can change the texture of the Balero to any photo from the Photo Library
    - It can be played by one or two players
    - It counts the points made by each player and coordinates its participation
    - It stores the configuration that was the last time used in the game

    Play Balero and have fun !

    Like many real life Baleros this one was also made in Mexico !
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