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  • Summary: Balls to Holes - 250 is a super interesting !!! Which will make you to be addicted from the beginning. Balls to Holes - 250 is a fun game that you try to land colored balls into adequate holes, by drawing ink strokes. Balls to Holes - 250 gets challenging as you level up. Different color balls, puzzle like walls, acceleration of the balls will make the game challenging but yet enjoy full experience.

    Each level gets more challenging yet enjoy full to play.

    250 levels are there for you to get started your journey.
    -- Right now! --

    ------------------- HOW TO PLAY -------------------

    - The purpose of the game is to put colored balls in the correct hole.
    - The game is over when a ball enters a hole of the wrong color, or when time runs out.
    - However, gray is a neutral color and therefore if a gray ball goes into the hole of a different color or if any ball goes into a gray hole nothing will happen.
    - Some blocks have special properties, such as breaking when hit, opening and closing at intervals, making the ball accelerate or changing the ball's color.
    - As the level number increases, the time to move the balls into their correct hole is dramatically lowered, and the overall complexity of the task increases substantially.

    -------------------- GOOD LUCK --------------------

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    ------- Thanks for playing Balls to Holes - 250 !!! -------
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