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  • Summary: ***The thief game that took Japan by storm is finally available on the iPhone/iPod Touch*** ***Free to play!*** Collect Precious Items! ---Famous paintings, valuable gems, dangerous weapons - you can get them all! Heists! ---Break into casinos, mansions and even missile silos on your quest for fame and fortune! Firefights! ---Recruit other players to take down the underworld's most vicious kingpins. Amass a Fortune! ---Use every trick in the book to become a bandit billionaire! Ascend to the Top! ---Crush your rivals as you work to become Thief Numero Uno. Bandit Nation is the most intense, fast-paced social game on the App Store. No treasure is safe, and no player is unbeatable. The only way to win is to watch your treasure with vigilance, and punish those who dare try to get their hands on it. But don't worry: you're not alone. Bring your friends along for the ride and build the most powerful gang of thieves in the world. Along the way, share the spoils as you hoard priceless items like rare vintage wine and one-of-a-kind gems. You'll even get to trounce a few baddies, too! -You can choose one of three thief types, Strong, Smart and Seductive, for your character as you prepare to take him or her to the heart of the underworld. -To gather treasure, challenge other players to battle and take them for everything they're worth! -Special items for your MiniNation avatar are your reward for gathering all the treasures in a collection. -All battles are easier when you've got allies by your side, so invite your friends and play together. ========================================== Bandit Nation is compatible with the MiniNation platform. MiniNation is a social gaming community accessible from the iPhone/ iPod Touch with the following great features: -Create your own personal avatar and exchange items with friends -Get involved in the community by creating groups and sending messages to other users -Easily invite friends to play games with you -See what your friends have been up to with the Activity Feed function Bandit Nation is also compatible with OpenFeint(TM). ========================================== Support Information URL: http://www.mininat.com E-mail: support@mininat.com Be sure to try out some of the many other games by MiniNation Inc. available on the App Store. These include: *Mini Solitaire *Mini NumberPlace *Mini BalloonHunt MiniNation Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DeNA Co., Ltd. providing games and communication services for the iPhone/iPod Touch. MiniNation Inc. produces a large number of popular casual games that are free to download and play. All games made by MiniNation Inc. have the MiniNation platform pre-installed. We aim to lead the global market in free, high-quality games, so keep your eye out for the MiniNation name on the next big app! http://www.mininat.com Expand
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