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  • Summary: Approachable, absorbing and visually impressive yet detailed, Battle Academy aims to revolutionise the strategy games market with a blend of intuitive design and compelling game play driven by cutting edge technical innovation.Inspired by an original online game concept devised by the BBC, the game has more than 30 battles in a range of theatres of war from the North African desert through D-Day to the to the snowy Ardennes mountains where the Allies battled to repel the final German offensive.The team at Slitherine worked with Professor John Buckley, Military Historian at the University of Wolverhampton and a keen wargamer himself, to make sure that the strategy, tactics, scenarios and available firepower of the battles fought in WW2 were turned into realistic AI behaviour, powering expertly crafted battles.The revolutionary server-based PBEM++ Slitherine system completes the package, for a gaming experience that will certainly please both hard core wargamers and newcomers. This revolutionary system allows iPad, Mac and PC players to play against each other, and even allows you to play 1 turn on your PC at home, continue the same game on the iPad on the train to work and play a turn at work on your Mac, all without you having to do a thing - the server handles it all!*****************************************FeaturesControl British, US, Polish, Canadian forces in 3 epic campaigns covering more than 30 varied battles or take control of Italian and German forces in multiplayer. Select from a vast array of equipment including 100 units from 6 nations - Shermans, Fireflys, Panthers, Tigers, Stukas, Hurricanes, P47s and much more! Gameplay features include ambushes, line of sight, artillery barrages, airstrikes, scouts, morale, APCs, flame throwers, heavy bombers, snipers and suppression. Your units gain experience as they fight. Get promoted to Veteran and Elite status and gain new skills. Addictive multiplayer modes using Slitherine’s revolutionary multiplayer server that’s linked into an online ranking system. Expand
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  1. Apr 8, 2012
    A welcoming but challenging experience. While not everyone will be able to enjoy this wargame, it clearly does not try to be a game that everyone would love to play. This is a deep and thought provoking experience, and not one to be missed.
  2. May 1, 2013
    Battle Academy is a terrifyingly deep and historically accurate turn-based strategy game.
  3. Apr 27, 2012
    While not for everyone, strategy gamers will have a blast with this seriously crafty and immersive WW2 game.
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  1. Sep 26, 2013
    Battle Academy (formerly Battlefield Academy) is an iOS port from the PC game of the same title. It is an introductory level wargame designed to show the interaction of combined arms at the tactical scale. I love it. I have played tons on the PC and now I am thrilled to death to be able to play the very same game, with nothing left out, on my iPad. The multi-player is fully cross platform and all the user generated content is available for free. All the DLC packs that have been released for PC are available as IAP's and they cost, like the base game, a fraction of the original PC price.

    There is a bloke name AaronOlstead who gives this game a ZERO. Check his other reviews. He has given EVERY game from Slitherine/Matrix a zero. All of them. So bear that in mind when you see a zero rating.
  2. Jul 20, 2014
    I love this game. It feels like steel phanters, despite the map be smaller, probably because the ipad specs. It isn't a perfect simulator, but it is a fun game, probably a bit overpriced. The strategic layer is good enough for me, being the ipad best suited for quick/medium games. I recommend it. Expand
  3. Apr 11, 2013
    This game attempts to bring the mediocre series to the iOS but fails in several aspects. First, the terrain representation of this game doesn't make sense from a topographical perspective and controlling or selecting units in close proximity is a nightmare! No free trial version for the very unproven price point. 20 bucks for this is a rip-off, simply said.

    Not sure who the makers of this game were trying to fool.

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