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  • Summary: Battle Bones Free is a classic hack and slash adventure with attractive visuals, unique controls, and tons a evil boney warriors to defeat to save the kindom. Features of Battle Bones FREE: Story Mode with 3 Complete Game Levels 2 Difficulty Levels High Scores per level and difficulty
    Score Attack Mode

    You play as Skullena, the warrior princess that has been given special powers to defeat the undead skeletal goons terrorizing the kingdom. The game is setup up in levels with progression in classic beat em up style except render in 3D.

    Multiple melee attacks and combos can be done via various touch controls on the attack button.

    With enough magic energy taken from fallen enemies special powers can be cast via unique gestures.

    Check out this unique hack and slash adventure with rich 3D models, evil boney enemies, and a unique intuitive control scheme designed for iPhone and iPod Touch.
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