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  • Summary: **Get it at this price while you can. Limited time discount offer.
    Languages: English, Français, Deutsch, Español.

    Run or jog to the beat with your iPhone/iPod Touch. Beat Runner plays a series of drum loops sampled at 145 bpm whilst you run with your iPod in hand, or in
    pocket (using the built in accelerometer to sense arm/leg movement). The aim of the game is to race faster than a ticking time bomb that races against you on a series of world-wide stages.
    10 different countries to run in.
    Run or jog to drum loops specially prepared at 145 bpm to make the task more enjoyable, or alternatively listen to your own music and playlists.
    1 minute (easy),2 minute(normal) or 3 minute(hard) workouts. Long or short enough to make a difference.
    Speedo and virtual heart monitor - gives a virtual heart workout percentage based on performance during or after the workout.
    Level progress charted on completion of each level with highscore feature.
    Race against the ticking time bomb, to ensure you keep going the duration.
    All the drum sequences are sampled at 145 beats per minute - a suggested music speed for running.
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