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  • Summary: Do you know what it takes to become the next president? Give it a shot with Becoming Mr. President!To celebrate the iphone 5 and the upcoming elections in the United States, Melvia has developed Becoming Mr. President! Becoming Mr. President is a trivia game that takes you on a journey through 10 amazing American cities while testing your knowledge of each city at the same time! The 10 cities are New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Washington, Miami, Houston, Denver, Chicago and Portland. The deal is that every correct answer earns you virtual money to finance your very own American Presidential Campaign and have YOUR shot at Becoming Mr. President! The catch? You need to earn at least $20 million US dollars.Select a candidate that you feel closer to and start your journey throughout this amazing country! You have to answers 15 questions about each city and every 4 questions, you have to select a topic among six (Slang, Politics, History, Sports, Geography, US movies) and you will earn $160,000 for each correct answer. Can you reach $20,000,000 to finance your presidential campaign ? Can you go through all cities?If you don't know the answer, you can use the Hide One Button or post the question on Twitter. If somebody replies to your tweet within 20 seconds of posting it, their tweet will be displayed on the screen! Expand
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