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  • Summary: * FREE * To celebrate the release of our new game Bella Boo. Coming in the next few days! ************************************************************* Here's what some of the fans are saying!: "Online scoring and multipliers make this a contender for "one more time to beat my score/ranking" and easy mode is almost relaxing if you just want to fly around and pop some balloons for fun." --Drelbs23

    "This one is a keeper! Really cool and something the kids can play!" --JL Calouro


    - Online ScoreBoards
    - 1000 points of Achievements
    - Facebook connectivity

    FUN AND FAST PACE! Help Beez drop nuts to his hungry squirrel friend below.

    *Fly around by tilting your iPhone/iTouch in the direction you want to go.

    *Pop the balloons as fast as you can to get the most points.

    - Wind, blows the balloons down. Giving you more time.
    - and Lightning to the clear the screen quick!

    *Pop balloons of the same color in a row to get bonus multipliers! Rainbow colored balloons will add to your multiplier for every color.

    **Watch out for Poison Clouds, they will slow you down!**

    -Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty settings.
    -Listen to the game's fun music, or you can turn it off and listen to your iPod music while you play.
    -iPhone/iTouch tilt sensitivity settings. Use low sensitivity for pin-point accuracy. Use high sensitivity for lightning fast response. Or use Medium for a little of both.

    **Look for future updates, with new scenes, and powerups!**
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