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  • Summary: Dont miss out on what critics and players are calling..."The best trivia game on the iPhone!"Ben Stein will tease your mind with comical one-liners and extraordinary trivia - all combined with jazzy game show music and an exclusive appearance by Cheex - Steins cheeky monkey co-host.Trivia starts off simple and becomes more challenging as you win. Earn bonus points based on how quickly you answer questions from four categories: Pop Culture, Sports, Natural Wonders and Random Steinage. Do you have what it takes to challenge Ben?Game Features:- Hundreds of Trivia Questions (easy to hard)- Touch Screen & Shake Controls- Catchy Tunes & Quotes- Bonus & Lightning RoundsFor more details visit:*********************************************ONLINE REVIEW ROUNDUP from MACWORLD"One of the great things about rounding up a group of like-applications is that after a while it often becomes obvious which is the best among those appsits the one you keep returning to, to test some more. Which is what happened when I was assigned to test a trio of iPhone trivia games. I kept returning to Ben Stein: Its Trivial."ONLINE REVIEW from APP CRAVER By Michael Alexander"Ben Stein: Its Trivial is a captivating game and lots of fun. It will keep you, and everyone around you, entertained for hours and hours." ONLINE REVIEW from TOUCH MY APPS by Louis"It is not hard to see that Ben Stein: Its Trivial is a well polished game. The music and sound effects are nicely done and the artwork along with the Stein Bobblehead definitely adds to the fun. With so many interesting items to steal from Ben, players should have no trouble playing the game over and over again Players will find themselves wanting to take Ben Stein to the cleaners!"ONLINE REVIEW from IGN ENTERTAINMENT by George Roush"The App Store is now inundated with trivia games, so it takes an impressive hook to stand out of the crowd. Ben Stein is a pretty good hook. If you dig trivia games, give this game a try. ...the replay value of stealing Ben's items will keep you coming back for more." Expand
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