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  • Summary: Fun!Challenging!Addictive!The Birdonauts Christmas Drawing Puzzle game is a challenging physics puzzle with 48 levels divided into 2 key stages.These intrepid avian astronauts have a major task at hand- that of recovering their precious eggs stolen by the pesky cosmic swine. The Birdonauts have timed their raid perfectly, as these partied-out swine have started their Christmas costume party celebrations early, have had too much cosmic grog and have all but passed out! Soundly they sleep in their glass pods still replete in their partying fancy dress costumes. Those that have partied too hard, however, have turned into pink swine juice until they can recover!...A great opportune time for our Birdonaut heroes to raid the swine's lair and recover their priceless eggs!But danger still pervades as not only is the place an obstacle course (courtesy of the multi-coloured asteroid clusters) but the joint is also booby trapped with deadly green minefields!It's your job to guide our gallant avian friends to their brood! Draw out the trajectory the Birdonauts need to take to safely guide them past the obstacles, asteroid clusters and mines and to the rescue of their precious eggs!Once you've drawn out the path, activating the ride down to the egg for a perfect landing by tapping the Birdonaut.BUT BE CAREFUL!… for actioning the Birdonaut also activates the gravity field and so the host of obstacles come crashing down: asteroids, swine and all!So best snag them up first with your arty finger:"Get all Picasso on their butts!!"HOW? …*DRAW THE PATH !*SNAG THE ASTEROIDS !*SNAG THE COSMIC SWINE !*TAP THE BIRDONAUT !*SAVE THE EGGS ! Collapse
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