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  • Summary: Get ready for the premiere action platformer for the iPhone! You are Spencer Corinth on a mission to uncover the mystery behind your father's death. Run, jump, and slash your way to the truth in this non-stop tale of betrayal and vengeance.
    - 9 Action Packed Levels
    - Classic Retro Style
    Side-Scrolling Gameplay
    - Bonus Level Challenges Add Hours of Fun
    - Fully Illustrated Story Scenes
    - Intuitive Easy to Use Controls
    - Left Handed Control Options
    - Find New Weapons to Destroy Your Enemies
    - Challenging Boss Fights
    - Huge Levels Filled With Hidden Upgrades

    "If you’re looking for a good retro styled game, then Blade of Betrayal fits the bill. There is much to do in this platformer, and will give experienced gamers a good run for their money. Well polished, Blade of Betrayal has tons of action and a great story line." -

    "What really made Blade of Betrayal fun to play is its ease of use. It was very simple to start the game and get down to business. The analog circular pad I found extremely easy to use and I got used to it almost immediately. This is a type of game younger people and hardened gamers can play alike." -
    Developed by Conjured Realms & Perfect Dork Studios
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