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  • Summary: A simple yet addictive action puzzler,with classic game-play of fast paced block-clearing adventure!
    Tap a set of three or more blobs of same color to see them explode.Sounds easy? give it a try..With the rewarding score system ,there are powers ups like double bill,mine-O-mine etc :) ..
    but beware there are traps of two also ^_^. Plan your moves wisely to get chain of blobs, When you hit a higher chain you double up score for next moves.
    Ohh you missed a DoubleBill, mine-O-mine is for you.Save your mines for the rainy day,swap the area when no more moves left.

    You can choose among three modes of unlimited game play:

    * FOREVER- keep them coming..a non stop mode in which blobs are coming forever,tap your fingers speedily with levels passing out! so make your move before any blob reaches to the top.

    * TIMED- a race against time, explode as many blobs coming with ever increasing speed as you can before time runs out!

    * CLEARALL- a thinkers game, plan your move and clear them all... the motive is to score as much as you can with a clearly planned out strategy as you have to clear them all in two minutes. A new game guaranteed for each time!

    Flavored with two gorgeous color themes, to suite for everyone's taste.It is hours of fun.

    It is supported with Open feint,The best social gaming network.

    Publish your score and achievements on Facebook and twitter, locate your friends, send challenges and compete with them. Leader board, forums and chat...its all you want to have..

    For your ears only,classic background music is available..

    Support for iOs 4, iphone 4 retina display, multitasking..
    Compatible with ipod touch,iphone 3g 3gs..
    Visit us at
    Note: if you like games like Bejeweled,Tetris,Trism,Removem,Chuzzle,Jawbreaker,Jewel Quest,Brick breaking and other puzzle games you will absolutely love playing Blobz.
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