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  • Summary: Get Ready for a new twist on Classic Block Buster - The simple yet UNBELIEVABLY ADDICTIVE puzzle game. Prepare for even more brain twisting! Now you have to find & click on 4 or more connected blocks of the same color to bust them! Clear all blocks to solve a puzzle.Are you up for the challenge? Let your brain tingling begin! ~~~~~What Players said about Block Buster~~~~ ????? by Osundood - I'm basically out of control. Can't stop busting. This app is rocking my face off! ????? by KGspecial - Never grow tired of playing. Quite addictive!! And tons of fun! ????? by SusieCatLady - Amazingly addictive! It seems slow at first, but watch out! It gets harder as it goes along. By then, you'll be hooked! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Play for free through hundreds of puzzles, test your agility in Time Rush Mode, or train your endurance in Marathon Mode. Puzzles range from relaxed to head-scratching, it is for you to decide your playing style. ~~~~~~ Features ~~~~~~~ - 500 free levels keep your brain spinning for hours.- Made a wrong move? Don't Worry! Roll back moves with "UNDO"! - Stuck? No Problem! In-game solution will guide you step by step! - TimeRush Mode : Solve as many puzzles as you can before time runs out! - Marathon Mode : Solve puzzles without fail. Keep in mind, there is no "UNDO" for Marathon! - Want more? 14 Puzzle Chests with over 2500 puzzles in total waiting for you!~~~~~~~~~ Note Worthy ~~~~~~~~~~ - Daily Bonus Solution Give-Aways!- Track progress of every puzzle (incl. best-time, moves). - Compete with Friends! GameCenter leader-board updates as you play. - Puzzle difficulty increases gradually for TimeRush and Marathon. - Colourful UI, Smooth interactions, & Crispy graphics and animations - Block Symbols available for color impaired players - Works perfectly for iPhones, iPods, iPads & iPad Minis~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We hope you will enjoy Block Buster 4-of-a-kind! Your acknowledgement is our biggest motivation! Think Cube Games Expand
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