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  • Summary: Price Drop! Grab now for $0.99! FEATURED IN: *WHAT'S HOT! *TOP 100 PAID ACTION *TOP 25 PAID KIDS ***************************** VERSION 1.1.1 ***************************** -Better AGON Integration. Now with automatic login! -Better support for older devices. Runs much faster on iPhone 2G! -Bug fixes. That pesky issue where highscores don't always submit to the leaderboards is now fixed! VERSION 1.1 ********************************** - 2 New Levels! Watch out, these are tougher then the others! - New Leaderboards! Once you think you’ve mastered the new levels, post your highscores and show off! - New Achievements! Noticed how Bounce Pop 2 v1.0 only included 500 Pocketscore points? This update adds an additional 100 points! - Slight tweaks to the overall difficulty and minor graphical improvements. - And of course, a few bug fixes! ********************************** THE BOUNCIES ARE BACK! ------------------------ You'll need fast fingers and faster reflexes to master this one! The Bouncies are back, and it's up to you to pop them! How high can you score? With all new revamped graphics, jazzy soundtrack, and other innovative features, Bounce Pop 2 is the perfect casual action/puzzle experience for your iPhone or iPod touch! ------------------------ HOW TO PLAY: ------------------------ The Bouncies appear all over the screen! How do you stop em? Just pop em! Simply tap on a Bouncie to pop it. Bouncies come in different sizes, colors, and they vary in the amount of points they're worth. If you let the Bouncies pile up too much, it's game over, so pop fast and get the highest score you can before the time runs out! FEATURES: ------------------------- *Agon Online Support* -Compete with people both around the globe and around the block using CoreLocation and Online Leaderboards! -Awards! (aka Achievements) Think you can earn them all? *Social Networking* -Got a new highscore? Unlocked a hidden award? Show off your skills and achievements with built-in Twitter and Facebook support! *iPod Music* -While Bounce Pop 2 comes with its own rockin' soundtrack, iPod music playback is also supported. Just play the song you want to listen to, and launch the game! (You can also change songs while playing, too!) *Auto-Save* -Your progress is automatically saved after every level! -Did someone just beat your highscore on Level 5? No need to start over again! Go back and replay any level you've already completed and stay on top! *Bouncy Physics, Gravity Control and more!* -They aren't called the Bouncies for nothin'! Watch out or they'll Bounce all over the screen! -Need an edge? Tilt your device gently from side to side to control the gravity and gain an advantage! -If you pop the first Bouncie of a certain color, all the Bouncies that appear afterwards in that chain get popped too! Use this trick for ultra highscores! SUPPORT: ------------------------- Got a suggestion? Need Help? Feel free to email us! Follow us on Twitter! AGON Online by Aptocore ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ AGON Online is a leading social gaming platform for iPhone and iPod Touch games enabling: • Online leaderboards • Location aware scores • Awards system • Friends lists • Persistent player profile • Facebook and Twitter integration Expand
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